Opentext Collections Server & Library Manager Specialists

A Record of Success

The following describes some of the projects that we have completed for our clients.

Techlib Upgrade at DFO

The Techlib upgrade entiled a wholesale upgrade of the Department of Fisheries and Ocean's Library Information System. The old system was running BASIS Version 8 on VAX/VMS. Teradocs planned and executed the implementation of Livelink Library Manager version 10.2. This included the customization of the Livelink Collection Server database, the creation of a new OPAC built with Ruby on Rails, the migration of all data from the old system to the new system, and the development of tools for reporting and Thesaurus Management.

CATS migration at DFAIT

The migration of CATS involved the extraction of over 1 million archived email messages and documents, and the transfer of the data into an SQL Server database that was used as a staging area for the RDIMS system used by DFAIT.

Central Archive at PWGSC

The Central Archive was designed by Teradocs many years ago, and was redesigned to allow for the collection and management of over 4 million documents that are translated by PWGSC for customers of the Translation Bureau. The system incorporates automated workflow tools and a web based tool for displaying related documents side by side. Teradocs Systems designed and implemented all aspects of the Central Archive. The Central Archive was a prize winner at GTEC